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Cable or Coil Heaters are small-diameter heating cables, fully annealed, that can be formed into your desired configurations.


They can be formed into a compact nozzle heater for use on a plastic injection molding equipment, supplying a full 360° of heat with optional distributed wattage.


A straight cable can snake through a sealing bar in packaging equipment. A flat spiral configuration is used in semiconductor manufacturing while a star wound cable is used in air and liquid heating.

Performance Features

  • Continuous operating temperatures to 1200º F
  • Internal thermocouples and no-heat sections can be added on most sizes
  • High ductility allows the heater to be cold-formed into almost any shape
  • Dimensions from 0.040" (1mm) to 0.188: (4.8mm) diameter. The cable heater packs a lot of heat into a tiny space!
  • Cable heaters can operate in unusual environments, including cryogenic and sub-freezing temperatures, high vacuum, and gaseous and liquid immersion conditions
  • Sheath material: Inconel or Stainless Steel



  • Plastic injection molding nozzle
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and water processing
  • Hot metal forming dies and punches
  • Medical, analytical, and scientific instruments
  • Restaurant and food processing equipment
  • Cast-In Heaters
  • Laminating and printing presses
  • Air heating
  • Heating in a vacuum environment
  • Textile manufacturing


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