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Drum Heaters wrap around all-metal drums or pails to maintain liquids at steady storage temperature or transfer viscosity. Two types are available:


The Metal Band Drum Heater

This heater makes viscous materials flow in cold temperatures and permits a quick material transfer. The heater is designed with durable spring loaded clamps to provide high clamping pressure, while flexible enough for one man to attach and remove. Heaters are adjustable for normal drum dimension variation.


Multiple heaters may be applied to a single drum for quicker or unusual heating requirements. Heaters are constructed of aluminum coated steel. Available with infinite switch controls for varied input or continuous heating.


Silicone Rubber Drum Heater

This heater is ideal for maintaining viscosity or temperature of stored liquids including adhesives, mastics, resins, grease, paint, oils and many liquid food products.


Where external heating is required or preferred, flexible Silicone Rubber Drum Heaters can keep these materials at proper handling or process consistencies. A spring-hook arrangement easily attaches these items to standard 5, 15, 30 or 55 gallon steel drums. Even heat transfer limits scorching or degradation of sensitive materials. Optional molded-in thermostats are full range adjustable or have fixed settings.

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