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Linear Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensors are available in potentiometer and magnetostrictive configurations. Your Southwest Heater and Controls representative can help you determine the best sensor for your application.


Performance Features

    • Measurement of absolute position: when the system is switched on, the transducer immediately gives the real position without having to run mechanical repositioning.
    • Life: from 100 million strokes of potentiometric transducers to practically unlimited for magnetostrictive transducers, thanks to the lack of contact between the transducer and the cursor.
    • High resolution of output signal: from practically infinite for potentiometers to 2??for magnetostrictive transducers.
    • Easy installation and simple connection to most commercially available instruments and PLCs.
    • Ability to simultaneously control multiple cursors with the same transducer and provide shift speed (MK4/IK4-C in CANopen and MK4/IK2P in Profibus from 1 to 4 cursors.
    • Analog MK4-A up to a maximum of two cursors. Multicursor in digital model MK4-D Start&Stop).
    • Sensors guaranteed up to 5 years (model MK4)


    • Medical - bone densitometers
    • Auto Industry – crash testing
    • Oil – pump jacks
    • Water management – irrigation and flood control



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