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SSR Relays



DIN-A-MITE familyWatlow's DIN-A-MITE family of solid state power controllers provides SCR control, heatsink, wiring , and touch-safe exterior in one package.


Performance Features

      • 4 styles with ratings from 18-100 amps with voltages from 120 to 600 ~ (ac)
      • DIN-rail or sub-panel mounting
      • No mercury
      • Compact size
      • Touch-safe exterior
      • Easy installation
      • Agency approvals
      • Optimum temperature control with variable time base control
      • Low electrical noise
      • Rugged, back-to-back SCR design insures long term reliability


      • Petroleum/chemical
      • Ovens/furnaces
      • Wave solder and reflow
      • Packagiing
      • Food service equipment
      • Semiconductor processing



Watlow SSR

SSR RelaysWatlow Solid State Relays provide longer heater life at lower cost. Their unique loop-powered firing card permits a very fast time proportional cycle rate of less than .1 second to allow use of higher watt density heating elements and/or increasing heater life.


Performance Features

      • Optimized temperature control accuracy
      • Burst firing, 10-75 amps
      • Operating environment -25° to 50° C (-13° to 122° F) with proper heatsink
      • Can switch up to 575 V~ (ac)
      • Fast cycle card
      • Zero cross firing
      • Back-to-back SCR design
      • Agency approvals



      • Food processing equipment
      • Lighting equipment
      • Resistive heating




Watlow CZR

Watlow CZR The CZR Series solid state contactor provides a low-cost, highly compact and versatile solid state option for controlling electric heat.

The capabilities of this series include single-phase, 18-50 amp zero-cross and random switching up to 600V~(ac).


Performance Features

      • Output 18-50 amps
      • Output voltage up to 660V~(ac)
      • DIN-rail or standard panel mount
      • Quick, low-cost installation
      • Compact size
      • Touch-safe terminals
      • Mercury-free
      • Faster switching with solid state
      • Agency approvals
      • Back-to-back SCR design




Watlow E-Safe Relay

E-Safe Power SwitchThis mercury-free relay from Watlow provides reliable and accurate power switching for processing applications.


This relay can exceed the performance of typical mercury relays while fitting within the same footprint to bridge the gap between mercury displacement relays (MDRs) and solid state relays (SSRs) by providing superior power switching in a non-mercury solution.


Performance Features

      • Up to 40 amps
      • 240V!(ac)
      • High current transient suppression
      • High reliability
      • Extended contact life
      • Low electrical noise
      • Outperforms mechanical contactors
      • Compact size
      • Easily retro-fittable
      • Environmentally safer than mercury contactors
      • Agency approvals

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