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Thermocouples for General Applications

ThermocouplesSouthwest Heater and Controls stocks a wide variety of thermocouples for industrial and commercial equipment. If your application requires a type of thermocouple not readily available, SWHC can provide a custom sensor to your exact specifications. Contact us for details.


Performance Features

    • Fiberglass insulated thermocouples are suitable for temperatures up to 900° F (480° C) for continuous operation.
    • 32 Standard sheath lengths
    • Stainless steel braid or hose protection
    • J, K, T & E calibrations
    • Grounded, ungrounded and exposed junctions
    • Flat & drill point
    • Epoxy sealed cold ends
    • Adjustable depths
    • Flexible extensions
    • Washers, nozzles & clamp bands
    • Custom diameters
    • PFA coated and stainless steel sheaths
    • Straight, 45° or 90° bend
    • Locking bayonet caps



    • Plastic injection molding machinery
    • Food processing equipment
    • De-icing
    • Plating baths
    • Industrial processing
    • Medical equipment
    • Pipe tracing control
    • Industrial heat treating
    • Packaging equipment
    • Liquid temperature measurement
    • Refrigerator temperature control
    • Oven temperature control

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