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Tubular and Process Heaters


Process heating is used to maintain a specific temperature, as well as drive heated processes, prevent condensation, provide boost heating in flow lines and a variety of other applications.


Southwest Heater & Controls offers many styles of Process Heater designs for immersion in liquids, heating open air, gases, molten materials or surface heating.


These heaters are virtually 100% energy efficient, since they generate all the heat within the liquid or process. They can also be formed and shaped for radiant heating and contact surface heating applications.


Our manufacturers stock thousands of designs for immediate shipment. Our staff will help you determine which heater is right for your needs. If a stock design doesn't meet your application requirements, our sales staff can offer you technical assistance in custom designing a heater that meets your specific heating application.


Process Heater Types



    • Oil and gas field equipment
    • Refineries and petrochemical plants
    • Chemical and industrial gas plants
    • HVAC duct heating
    • Open tanks and heat treat baths
    • Textile drying
    • Heat transfer and lube oil systems
    • Semiconductor processing equipment
    • Precision cleaning equipment
    • Power generation systems
    • Emissions control systems
    • Supercritical fluid heating
    • In-line water boilers

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